Doctors save our lives every day!

Now it’s our chance to give back and save one of them!

Dr. Shireen Obaid Qureshi lives in Toronto with her husband and three children. She was diagnosed with acute Leukemia (type AML 2) in December 2010 and upon receiving this life changing news she started to undergo treatment at the Sunnybrook Hospital.

She is going through her third session of Chemotherapy and is now in remission; however she still requires a bone marrow transplant and is actively seeking a donor match. Right now over 800 Canadian patients are in desperate need of a stem cell to treat potentially life-threatening illnesses and they depend on the generosity of people like you. 70% of stem cell matches come from the unrelated search (outside the family) provided by the One Match Stem Cell and Marrow Network in Canada.

Currently over 266,000 donors are on the registry. We need more registrants so that we can meet the needs of patients. To this effect we are holding an OneMatch Registration /Buccal Swab event on April 30th in the Scarborough area in hopes of finding a stem cell match for Shireen and all the other patients waiting to have their lives saved. You could be the match the Shireen and her family has been praying for!
Will you take the opportunity to better their lives?

How can you help? Take the following simple steps:
Register to take a test
Simple, painless cheek swab test can be done in the privacy of your own home if you:
• Order a swab kit online at
• Or call 1-888-2 DONATE
• Or at the live event on April 30th.
Anyone between ages 17-50 can donate
Gender and blood type are not important.
A special request for all South Asian community (Pakistani /Indian/ Bangladeshi/ Sri Lankan) to participate in the case of Shireen, since ethnicity is an important factor in finding a match.

If a donor is approved (once qualified after testing), he/she will be required to:
• Either donate blood, from which the stem cells will be derived
• Or provide a sample of the bone marrow, from which the stem cells will be derived.
The prospective donor will have the right to refuse to donate any sample at all.
Interested in participating?
Come out to our Swab Sampling Event to show your support and swab your cheek to see if you too could be a match and save a life.
It would be like winning the lottery for the patients, and you may have the power to grant it to them.

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